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Foreclosure Options For Short Sales

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Typically, a Indianapolis foreclosure is not the way to go, as this will affect your credit much more dramatically then taking care of the late payments by selling as a short sell. A foreclosure may take up to 10 years to be removed from your credit report and you will not be able to obtain a new mortgage for at least 7 years. Sometimes with short sales, you are able to obtain a mortgage in as early as 2 years.

What are some options to not going into foreclosure?

  1. Sell your home as a short sell, as explained in more detail elsewhere on this site
  2. Rent your home out. This is a good option only if you have the cash or cash reserves to make this work
  3. Ask your current mortgage holder to a loan modification. This could adjust your interest rate down from where it’s currently at.
  4. deed in lieu of foreclosure. This allows the homeowner to basically hand back over the keys to the mortgage holder without going through a full blown sheriff’s sale or Indianapolis foreclosure. Homeowner must vacate the property at this time. Sometimes the lender will not report this as drastically as a full foreclosure on the credit report.

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