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Feb 15

Free books on foreclosure

free books on foreclosure

Foreclosing on a house is something that is not always easy.  Free books on foreclosure can tell you everything that you need to know about how to avoid foreclosure and save your credit. Many people are under the impression that when things get tough their only option is to allow their home to go into …

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Jan 23

Short Sell With Chase. We have closed dozens with Chase and helped sellers get out from under their upside down mortgage.

The economy is hard on almost everyone right now. You feel like you have to rob Peter to pay Paul, but what happens if Peter is always Chase? Having a mortgage with Chase may make you feel like foreclosure is the only option. Luckily, I can help you short sell with Chase.   That is …

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Jan 17

Mortgage assistance Indianapolis. We can help you short sale even if you are behind on payments

A short sale, which is also known as a pre-foreclosure sale, is when a homeowner decides to sell their home for less than is owed on the mortgage. In order for this to happen, the mortgage company has to agree with the terms. In this day and age, when the financial crisis in the country …

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Jan 04

Short Sale FAQ Chase Five Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Home on a Short Sale.

A short sale happens when someone sells a home for less than is owed to the bank. This is an option for property owners who are behind on mortgage payments and can help avoid the foreclosure process. You may be wondering if you are eligible. Check out these short sale faq chase to find out …

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Jan 03

A text message testimonial from a happy short sale client

2013-01-02 18.02.41

I just had to post this on my website.  I communicate with clients via email/voice/text messages.  Here is a message I received last night from one of my short sale clients 🙂  

Dec 07

Seller Gets $20,000 from Chase to short sale their Chase home! Short sale faq chase

wow, highest amount back to a seller to short sale their home so far! Just received the short sale approval letter from short sales approval Chase. Seller is selling home for about $40,000 less then he owes. Chase is forgiving the debt and is giving seller $20,000 at closing! Here is a link to a …

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Nov 30

Choose a Short Sale instead of Foreclosure for a Clean Financial Slate

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage for any reason, it is important to seek assistance as soon as possible. Foreclosure is typically a long process on the part of the bank, as there are many steps that must be followed and paperwork that has to be in done in order before the formal …

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Nov 30

Avoid Foreclosure with an Indianapolis Short Sale

During times of financial crisis, the bills can pile up quickly, making a deeper financial hole. For homeowners, it can be a particularly nerve wracking experience, especially when the bank that holds the mortgage begins to tack on fees and threaten foreclosure. Foreclosure on a home is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Having a home taken …

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Nov 16

Quick Sell Home Solutions in Indianapolis

I thought I would write this quick post regarding quick sell home solutions in the Indianapolis area.  There is many times that a home seller actually isn’t upside down on their mortgage, but instead needs to get the cash out of their home FAST.   We have had clients that is behind on property taxes, but …

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Nov 06

Short Sales Approval Chase. We have had many new short sales approved by Chase

short sales approval chase

Chase has been very aggressive over the past 6 months in getting short sales done. If you have a Chase mortgage and need to short sale, you have the easiest chance of success among all the banks we work with. They have the process streamlined and we can get these closed very quickly for you. …

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