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Nov 11

US Bank Short Sale

We’ve had several recent US Bank Short Sale and wanted to post a quick article about our experience with them. Unfortunately, they have not been the easiest bank to work with.  We were able to get all the US Bank short sale completed, but they seemed to have major issues with losing documentation. We had …

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Apr 03

Freedom Mortgage Foreclosures. We can help you out of your sticky situation

freedom mortgage foreclosures

Nobody likes facing the prospect of foreclosure. The loss of a house, the impact on credit rating, and the sleepless nights are often too much to bear. But why should you face this alone? If you live in the Indianapolis region and are facing a freedom mortgage foreclosures, why not see what the team at …

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Mar 28

Short sale and Citi

With sales of existing homes up 18.5 percent which is the best rate since 2008, the housing market in Indianapolis is marching towards recovery. Despite the numbers, there are many Citi customers who are still upside down in mortgages, facing bankruptcy or even foreclosure. Unfortunately for these people, they don’t see the recovery or even …

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Mar 18

Midland Mortgage short sale. We Can Help With Your Midland Mortgage Short Sale

Midland Mortgage Short Sale

We know that nobody goes into buying a house looking to fail. Nobody ever wants to face bankruptcy or foreclosure but these things unfortunately happen to good people every day. Even with housing prices up 20-30% from their all time lows, this still is not enough to save many people who still find themselves under …

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Mar 13

Freedom mortgage short sale. We can help salvage your financial future

freedom mortgage short sale

There’s nothing easy about selling a home. Finding a solid agent, lining up potential buyers, and the stress that comes with wondering when your house will actually sell. Compound that with the fact that you are actually trying to short sell your home and you can see the tension beginning to mount. If you live …

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Mar 03

Carmel short sale Realtor. Dozens of luxury home sellers assisted with short sale

Carmel short sale Realtor

The housing market collapse didn’t just affect the middle class, many of the upper class homeowners and investors found out their multi-million dollar homes lost a great portion of their value. Couple this with the recession hurting many investment avenues and you see that the wealthy lost quite a bit more than just their home values. In …

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Mar 03

Short Sale Indiana. We are the #1 short sale agent in Indiana!

short sale Indiana

Many people find themselves in dire situations when it comes to their home. Whether they are upside-down with their mortgage, facing bankruptcy, or even foreclosure, there are still options available. Trying to short sell your home is a good option but selling a home takes time and effort that many homeowners do not have. Finding …

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Mar 02

Short Sale Wells Fargo. Many Wells Fargo short sales closed!

Short Sale Wells Fargo

Everybody knows that a foreclosure or bankruptcy can ruin not only your credit but your reputation for years. Many homeowners in Indianapolis find themselves upside-down in their mortgage and barely making the payments or facing foreclosure. If you are one of these people and you need a short sale Wells Fargo, why not try the …

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Feb 22

House Sale. Quick Sell Home Solutions!

quick sale

If you live in the Indianapolis area, you already know that the team at can assist you with any short sell for your home. They have all the tools available for you to short sell your home and maintain your credit and dignity intact. They have helped homeowners stay out of foreclosure and avoid …

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Feb 17

BBVA short sales. We have helped dozens of people with short selling BBVA short sales

BBVA short sales

Although the word from the housing experts say the worst is over and that the market has recovered, many people are still in fear of foreclosure and even more owe more on their homes than their current value. The only options available to these people are foreclosure, bankruptcy, or short selling the home. Many people …

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