Aug 21

USDA short sales

I’ve had that question asked to me several times over the past month.  Do we do USDA short sales? How hard are USDA short sales to close?   We have had great success with the USDA short sales we have done. We just completed one through Chase bank with no problems at all.  I also have notes on that one on this blog, look at the approval letters for additional examples.


We can help you short sale your Indianapolis short sale whether it’s a USDA short sales, FHA short sale, or a conventional short sale.  We have sold hundreds of short sales for our clients over the past 5 years!  



Nov 11

US Bank Short Sale

We’ve had several recent US Bank Short Sale and wanted to post a quick article about our experience with them.

Unfortunately, they have not been the easiest bank to work with.  We were able to get all the US Bank short sale completed, but they seemed to have major issues with losing documentation. We had to send in documentation over and over again.  I would say on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being easiest bank to work with, they are about a 5.

If you have a US Bank Short sale and need assistance in the Indianapolis area, we can help get you out from under your mortgage!  Banks are still being very favorable toward short sales. We have closed hundreds of short sale transactions for our clients, easily closed more short sales in Indiana than 99% of the real estate agents in the area!

Make sure to view the video on how we work and also the video testimonials on this site.

If you would like more information on how we work, fill out the simple form to receive a free copy of the short sale book we wrote several years ago.

If your situation is urgent, contact us on the phone at 317-490-5074 and speak with Craig or contact Theresa at 317-514-0005.


Sep 21

USDA short sale approved for Thorntown, IN home

Not done many USDA short sales, but this one was very smooth to do from beginning to end.  We should have this closed in the next 30-45 days.  Chase forgave entire difference between what seller owed and what the buyer is purchasing home for.


Here is a link to the USDA short sale approval letter



Sep 21

Indianapolis short sale approved for 3937 Hornickel Drive!

We’ve been so busy helping our short sale clients, I haven’t updated the website in a few months.  Here is one of two short sale approvals from this past week from our sellers.


Seller owed $84,442.  Bank accepted $64,000.  Bank forgave the debt and seller even got $750 back from bank at closing for moving expenses!

Here is a link to the Indianapolis Wells Fargo short sale approval letter


Let us help you become our next successful client. We have helped hundreds of people just like you that have needed to short sale their home.   If your situation is urgent, contact us at 317-490-5074 or 317-514-0005.  You can also fill out the form to the right and receive the free book we wrote on how to short sale your home.



Apr 10

Short Sale Wells Fargo. New Approval Letter Over $46k of debt forgiven

Another short sale Wells Fargo.  Seller is getting over $46k of debt forgiven on this mortgage.  Is able to walk away owing the bank nothing and in 2 years can purchase another property.

short sale Wells Fargo 300x225 Short Sale Wells Fargo.  New Approval Letter Over $46k of debt forgiven

Short sale Wells Fargo

Here is a link to the short sale Wells Fargo approval letter.

If you need assistance with your short sale Wells Fargo, contact us via the form on the right hand side of this page or call us immediately if your situation is urgent .  Either call Craig Bartels at 317-490-5074 or Theresa Bartels at 317-514-0005.



Apr 10

Bank of America short sale approval letter. Over $28k of debt forgiven!

Just received this new approval letter from one of my clients.

Bank is forgiving the entire deficiency of almost $29,000.  Clients do not owe any more on the home and because of the current tax laws, they will also not pay any taxes on the difference!

Here is a link to the Bank of America short sale approval letter.


If you or anyone you know has a Bank of America loan or other loan provider, we can help you short sale your home and save you credit, while at the same time walking away owing the bank nothing.  Let us help you!  If your situation is urgent, contact Craig Bartels at 317-490-5074 or Theresa Bartels at 317-514-0005 to discuss on the phone.  You can also download the book we wrote on how to short sale your home. Just fill out the small form on the right side of this page.


Apr 03

Freedom Mortgage Foreclosures. We can help you out of your sticky situation

Nobody likes facing the prospect of foreclosure. The loss of a house, the impact on credit rating, and the sleepless nights are often too much to bear. But why should you face this alone? If you live in the Indianapolis region and are facing a freedom mortgage foreclosures, why not see what the team at can do for you with the possibility of a short sale. They have stopped several freedom mortgage foreclosures and they can stop yours too. Instead of worrying, why not let someone else alleviate your stress as well as your mortgage.

When you arrive at you will first see the contact form which you can fill out quickly and easily. You will be contacted by one of the team members and your situation will quickly be assessed and the process to recovery can begin. If the situation is dire, you can contact Theresa or Craig Bartels directly so they can assess the situation directly. You also should take a look at the e-book they offer for free showing just how they have saved people from freedom mortgage foreclosures through the short sale process. You can also browse the testimonials from the countless people whom they have saved not only from freedom mortgage foreclosures but from any lender or situation. With over 14 years of real estate experience, they have not only built a solid team of agents, investors and landing contacts but have also established themselves as the short sale experts. So there’s no situation they haven’t seen or saved a client from.

freedom mortgage foreclosures 300x200 Freedom Mortgage Foreclosures. We can help you out of your sticky situationTrying to stop a foreclosure yourself is almost impossible. Trying to short sell a house is just as hard. You have to find a good agent who not only understands the situation but can actually sell a house quickly. Then you have to find a way to work with your lender which is quite hard since they are the ones you owe money and they are looking to foreclose. Then you have to spend the time and effort to make sure the home sells. Meanwhile, the foreclosure date creeps up and you worry about it daily. Why bother with this when the #1 short sale team in Indy can not only put a halt to your foreclosure but they have the built in structure to provide all the tools to sell your house. They have agents who know how to sell houses quickly and work with your lender to ensure the ease of the process and give you peace knowing someone is on top of the situation. With their network of investors, they can easily find someone who wants to buy your house. So why not check out the team with the ability to put freedom mortgage foreclosures to sleep and get some sleep of your own.


Mar 28

Short sale and Citi

With sales of existing homes up 18.5 percent which is the best rate since 2008, the housing market in Indianapolis is marching towards recovery. Despite the numbers, there are many Citi customers who are still upside down in mortgages, facing bankruptcy or even foreclosure. Unfortunately for these people, they don’t see the recovery or even a light at the end of the tunnel. What these people do not know is that there is still hope for them and that they can get out of a bad situation before it gets much worse. With the folks at they can learn how a short sale and Citi can get them out of their Citi mortgage without the pain of trying to negotiate this on their own.

Going to what you will first notice is the short contact form you can fill out so they can get your short sale and Citi started. You can also take a look at their informative e-book on just how the short sale process works. They can work with any lender and the testimonials of many Citi customers they were able to save from foreclosure prove this. They have an excellent team of real estate experts who specialize in quick sale solutions designed to give you the results you dreamed of. If the situation is more severe, you can even call them via the contact link from the homepage. Nobody will judge you and their team will give your needs and situation the attention it deserves.

Trying to short sell a home on your own is time consuming and nearly impossible for most. Finding a good agent who understands your needs and negotiating a short sale and Citi with your lender are quite difficult but with the team at Shortsaleindyhome, you get the agent who can sell your house quickly as well as the advocate who will work with your lender to ensure your Citi short sale will go through without the pain of bankruptcy or the credit disaster that foreclosure brings. They have the network of reliable investors who are looking for houses to buy just like yours. All you need to do is fill out the short contact form and you will be contacted quickly to see just exactly what your needs and situation are. The only thing you have to lose is the stress and sleepless nights worrying about how you will make that next payment or when they will foreclose on your house. Also if you are looking to invest in the growing real estate market, why not check the Citi short sale listings they have to offer and see how you can help save someone from what was their potential nightmare. Either way, the real estate team at has a quick sale house solution designed for anyone, no matter what the situation or how severe.

Mar 18

Midland Mortgage short sale. We Can Help With Your Midland Mortgage Short Sale

We know that nobody goes into buying a house looking to fail. Nobody ever wants to face bankruptcy or foreclosure but these things unfortunately happen to good people every day. Even with housing prices up 20-30% from their all time lows, this still is not enough to save many people who still find themselves under water in their mortgage, drowning in inflated payments on a house no longer worth what was paid for it. For these people, trying to work with their lender is next to impossible and many now face foreclosure. If you are among these people facing bankruptcy or foreclosure or even just want a fresh start and you are having trouble with your Midland Mortgage loan, why not consider short selling your house. The team at can work with your lender and come up with a great game plan to work out a Midland Mortgage short sale and give you the fresh start you need.

midland mortgage short sale 300x225 Midland Mortgage short sale.  We Can Help With Your Midland Mortgage Short Sale

Midland Mortgage Short Sale

The short sale experts at have been saving Indianapolis residents for many years now and are the premiere quick house sale team. They have all the knowledge and connections with both lenders and investors to make sure you don’t have to do this on your own. Just contact them via the short form on the homepage and they will contact you to see just what you need to get your Midland Mortgage short sale done and get you on the road to recovery. While you are there, you might as well read through their e-book on how a short sale actually works so you are better familiar with the process. You can also scan through the dozens of customer testimonials of people whom they were able to save from the awful foreclosure process. They will do their absolute best to see that your Midland Mortgage short sale goes as smoothly as possible, leaving you to simply put your mind on other things.

Craig and Theresa Bartels and their team of real estate experts have over 14 years of solid experience and through this time, they have put together a solid reputation of being able to work with any lender to work out a short sale solution, including a Midland Mortgage short sale. They have built a great list of investors who are waiting to buy your house and get you out of trouble. They can be contacted either through the homepage or by phone via the contact link if things are severe. Why wait until it’s too late to save you from financial ruin and contact the team at and see for yourself why so many Indianapolis residents see them as the caring partner who saved them. Let them do the Midland Mortgage short sale for you and show you just how easy it is to get out from under the waters of an upside down mortgage.

Mar 13

Freedom mortgage short sale. We can help salvage your financial future

There’s nothing easy about selling a home. Finding a solid agent, lining up potential buyers, and the stress that comes with wondering when your house will actually sell. Compound that with the fact that you are actually trying to short sell your home and you can see the tension beginning to mount. If you live in the Indianapolis area, you have no need to worry as the folks at can do any type of quick house sale, including a freedom mortgage short sale. They have all the best tools and connections to make short selling any home easy and simple.

freedom mortgage short sale 300x225 Freedom mortgage short sale.  We can help salvage your financial future

freedom mortgage short sale

Craig and Theresa Bartels and their expert team have over 14 years of solid real estate experience. During this time, they put together the best lineup of investors to make sure your house sells fast. They can work with your lender to ensure that your freedom mortgage short sale goes as smoothly as possible. It is nearly impossible to get your lender to work with you on any short sale if you try this yourself, but the team at can change that in an instant. So check out the best short sale professionals in Indianapolis and see for yourself if they can help you.

You can contact the team at by filling out the short form located on the homepage. If the situation is more severe, you can call them via the contact link. You can also take a look at the e-book they have and see if a short sale is what you need or even if you are just curious on how the process works. You can view the dozens of testimonials from their many satisfied customers that they saved from foreclosure, bankruptcy, and financial ruin. You can see the properties they currently have listed as well as the ones recently sold. You can be sure that they will treat your freedom mortgage short sale with the same level of care and professionalism.

Foreclosure or bankruptcy can be the scariest financial cliff one can ever have to face. The financial repercussions can last for a lifetime and haunt every decision you ever make. But who said you had to face this in the first place? Why not short sell your home and at least get yourself out of an upside down mortgage and breathe a bit easier. With the experts at you will never have to worry about what is going to happen or what you need to do. They will keep you informed each step in the process and you can rest easier knowing your freedom mortgage short sale will go through. It costs nothing to contact them so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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